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Great Books Discussion Groups

Online book groups for adults: How can I find a Great Books discussion group or start one of my own?

Great Books Foundation: Fostering Book Groups and Shared Inquiry Conversations

Join a Great Books Discussion Group: You may have the opportunity to become a member of an existing book group in your vicinity. Our registry encompasses groups in the United States and Canada, enabling you to search based on your zip code or state.

Initiate Your Own Book Group: To assist you in establishing your own book group and making the most of the Shared Inquiry method, we've created a valuable resource called "An Introduction to Shared Inquiry," available as a free download. This concise handbook furnishes you with a fundamental understanding of Shared Inquiry and offers guidance on conducting lively and captivating discussion sessions.

This complimentary booklet includes:

  • An introduction to the Shared Inquiry method of discussion
  • Guidelines to ensure constructive and courteous conversations
  • Recommendations for selecting readings and formulating effective discussion questions
  • Insights on employing follow-up questions to enrich discussions
  • Practical suggestions for organizing your group and arranging meetings