How can I order from the Great Books Foundation?

The Great Books Foundation offers a number of convenient methods from which to order:

  1. Ordering via Phone:

    • Customers can place orders using a credit/debit card over the phone.
    • Toll-Free Number (within the US): 800.222.5870
    • Phone Number (outside of the US): 312.332.5870
  2. Ordering Online:

    • Customers in the United States and Canada can order using a credit/debit card or PayPal through our online store. The online store provides a convenient way for customers to browse and purchase items.
  3. Purchase Orders (PO) for Schools and Approved Institutions:

    • Schools and other approved institutions have the option to order via Purchase Order (PO) with a net 30 - payment term.
    • This can be done by emailing a signed PO to

These ordering options offer flexibility for customers with various preferences and needs, ensuring a smooth and convenient ordering process for a wide range of clients. If you have any more information to share or specific questions related to ordering, please feel free to ask