Do you ship internationally? What is the process?

Information on quotes and shipping instructions

  1. International Shipping Availability:

    • We offer international shipping services, allowing customers to receive items internationally.
  2. Requesting an International Quote:

    • To receive an international shipping quote, please provide the quantity of items you would like to purchase.
  3. Preparing a Quote and Shipping Quote:

    • Once the quantity is provided, we will prepare a quote for the requested items.
    • Additionally, a shipping quote will be obtained from our warehouse to determine the shipping cost for the international delivery.
  4. Understanding Customs Regulations:

    • It's crucial for customers to be familiar with the customs regulations of their country or the destination country where the items will be received.
  5. Providing Contact Information:

    • It is recommended for customers to provide a contact phone number and email address for the receiving party. This information can be helpful in facilitating the delivery process.
  6. Requesting a Paid Invoice:

    • Customers may need to request a paid invoice, as some countries require it to clear customs.

These guidelines and considerations ensure a smoother international shipping experience for customers and help you comply with customs regulations and requirements. If you have any additional details or specific information regarding international shipping or if you have any other questions, please feel free to share or ask for further assistance